Snapchat Has A New Feature That Will Do Us All A Big Favour



Snapchat have introduced a new feature which should mean that the snaps that you send and receive are a lot more protected.

You may not notice  it when using the app, but it could save you a lot of embarrassment and distress in the future. 

Starting this week, the app will warn you if another app on your phone is saving your pictures. Snapchatters using third-party apps that automatically save incoming and outgoing images will be forced to change their password. If they refuse, their accounts will be locked.

Experts are seeing this as a huge step forward. They say that the whole point of Snapchat is that photos have a self-destruct timer. This is the feature that made Snapchat popular for sexting and sending nude images.

For many people the problem has been that it’s a false sense of privacy, because numerous third-party apps like SaveSnap, SnapGrab and SnapSpy offer you the ability to save photos. Snapchat made the decision after one of these third party apps became compromised.  This happened last month in what is known as ‘The Snappening,’ where nude photos were leaked due to one of these third party apps.
Critics have said that these apps mean that Snapchat isn’t really private, and that the system has a massive hole. Although the users do have to take some of the blame as they have chosen to download the apps in the first place.

The majority of users won’t notice these changes, but it should help ensure that all of our private snaps remain exactly that, private.

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