The Perfect Christmas Present For The W*nker In Your Life



Christmas shopping can be a bit of a pain; especially if you’re not sure what gift to get, or you’re being forced to buy for somebody that you don’t particularly like. One company thinks that they have the solution, and we think they might have just solved a few peoples problems.

The W*nksock claims to be the ‘perfect gift for any w**ker in your life.’ We’re sure that for most people at least one individual will immediately spring to mind. For the price of £7.99 you get two socks, and probably a fair amount of banter too.

There are some brilliant nuggets of humour on the site, including priceless pics (surprisingly safe for work) of people using the  device and an FAQs section that puts to bed any fears about blindness or excessive build up of muscle.

We think we really have seen it all…

Visit the site if you want to take a closer look.

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