Paraplegic Vet Gives Wife The Perfect Wedding Day Surprise



Sgt Joey Johnson, a veteran who had served in Afghanistan, met Michelle Johnson at a country music concert in 2012. Not long after, he had an accident on his motorcycle that left him unable to feel anything from the chest down and a paraplegic.

This threw up a great challenge to the pair, but that didn’t matter to Michelle: “We knew we were meant to be,” she told ABC News. The couple shared the same surname and the same birthday (June 29) – something that the couple had in common with Joey’s parents Ruth and Michael.

Joey proposed to Michelle in April 2013, and the date was set for the day before their birthday the following year.

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While Michelle is a wedding planner by trade, Joey kept one element of their wedding shrouded completely secret. He and his friends had rigged up a system that would allow him to stand for the couple’s first dance at their reception. “Everyone was crying in the room,” Michelle said of the big moment. “It was so amazing to be eye to eye with him again, and such a dream come true.”



This is the video of that wonderful moment. Congratulations to Joey and Michelle. It looks like a fantastic wedding.

Joey & Michelle Dancing from Jennifer Traynor on Vimeo.

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