The "Normal" Barbie Doll That Allows You To Add Cellulite, Stretch Marks, And Much Much More



It’s widely known that if Barbie was real then she would be as close to a giraffe as she would be a human. It’s her other characteristics, however, that have led to this invention. She is famous for her platinum blonde hair, stick thin boy, and permanently arched feet. Nikkolay Lamm wants to change all that, and so he has come up with “Normal” Barbie, or Lammily as she is known, who has the proportions of your average 19-year-old woman.


It’s not just about the shape of Lammily’s figure, the designer has come up with a range of accessories for the dolls to emphasize what it’s really like being a woman. Using stickers you can add on things such as tattoos, cellulite, and stretch marks, anywhere on the body.

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Lamm is aiming to make dolls that replicate the experiences that girls go through, things such as bruises or stretch marks caused by growth spurts.



The other options for stickers are freckles, glasses, blushing, adhesive bandages, moles, temporary tattoos, stitches, scrapes & scratches, bruises, casts, scars, mosquito bites, and grass and dirt stains. (We’re starting to feel a bit sorry for Lammily, finding herself in all these scrapes.)



Will the imperfect nature deter kids from wanting to play with the dolls? Lamm doesn’t seem to think so.

“I’ve seen kids playing with these stickers and saw how they put the stickers on and off, laughing and showing the customized doll to their parents,” Lamm told BuzzFeed News.

“The ‘imperfect’ nature of it isn’t an issue. I feel it makes the doll more relatable.”

He made this video showing how young people reacted to the dolls. The response is very positive. It’s worth watching just for how cute the kids are.

H/T: Buzzfeed

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