Mystery Rubber Ducks Containing Money Are Being Discovered In Kent



The ducks are found containing some money and a note (Picture: SWNS)

A mysterious person with a heart of gold has been leaving money around a British town, hidden in slightly unusual containers.

Sever rubber duckies have been found in the town of Tonbridge in Kent, each containing either £5, £10, or £20 notes, along with a note asking the finder to pass on the random act of kindness.

Finders of the duck also get a note suggesting they spend the money on a treat for themselves, however they are also asked to fill the bath toy with another gift and leave it for another lucky person to enjoy.

The note ends with the cheery line: ‘Let’s be nice. Go be nice.’



Matt Sargent told Kent Online that he found a duck containing £5, while others claim their rubber friends held £20.

Neil Mitchell, who found £10 in one of the ducks, said he used his new found wealth to buy five lottery tickets, before placing them in the duck and leaving it for someone else to find.

‘I hope people carry it on and spread the goodwill,’ he told the Mirror.

One big question remains – who is leaving the cash filled duckies?


I know what I’m doing today….Let’s make this a national thing!


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