Mother Personally Delivers Her Son To The Police After Finding Out His Crime



A Colorado teenager who is accused of  raping a young girl was handed over to the police last Thursday by his own mother.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Elijah Jackson, 19, on October 24. Jackson is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in February.

“Certainly, a very unusual situation,” Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith told a local news station. “What was unusual was when the deputy spoke with the suspect’s mother, and she found out about the charges, she vowed to take care of it.”

“Certainly, we do have family members cooperate, but to have mum go out of state and pick somebody up and bring them into the jail, first time in a quarter century I’ve seen it occur,” Smith said.

Jackson denied the allegations made against him and said that he turned himself in to authorities, not his mum.

“I’m sure when you’re in jail, the last thing you want is for anybody in there sitting in a cell next to you know that your mum brought you to jail,” Smith said.

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