Millions Of People Have Seen This Painting And Never Noticed This


While Van Gogh was in an asylum in France (for mutilating his own ear), he created many of his now well known masterpieces like The Blue Self Portrait, Irises and a well known treasure called ‘Starry night’:

But, as it turned out, this was no ordinary painting and Van Gogh was no ordinary artist. In this painting he’s actually depicting a little understood scientific concept called ‘turbulence’. A concept that’s difficult to understand mathematically but Gogh has expressed it perfectly in his art: about 100 years before scientists managed to.

So… what exactly is it you ask? ‘Turbulence, or turbulent flow, is a concept of fluid dynamics where fluid movements are “self-similar” when there‚Äôs an energy cascade’.


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Still don’t get it? That’s the thing, scientists are only just getting their heads around it now, never mind Van Gogh a century ago.



The clever folks who noticed Van Gogh’s ability to capture turbulence looked at other impressionists work, to see if they did the same. Yes, you guessed it, no one came close. Most impressionists achieved ‘luminance’ in their art, which imitates the pulsing nature of lights. But, not even ‘The Scream’ could compete with Van Gogh.

So even in the most confusing and bleak time of his life, Gogh was able to capture one of the most confusing concepts, and over one hundred years before scientists before science began to scratch the surface.

Check out the full video for the full story!

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