Russell Brand Amongst Thousands Of Protesters That Marched In London


Russell brand

Thousands of masked protesters, with Russell Brand said to be among them,  swarmed the streets of London and clashed with riot police on Bonfire Night. The Million Mask March  was protesting against political oppression.

The campaigners wore Guy Fawkes masks as they set off fireworks and smashed bottles around the Trafalgar Square/Parliament Square areas of London.



Some were heard chanting anti-establishment slogans such as ‘we want our square back’. There was a chorus of boos and whistles as an officer from the Metropolitan Police warned protesters about their behaviour over a loud hailer.

The protest was organised by activist group Anonymous. There was a strong police presence and a handful of people were arrested as of 10pm.

This is a video shot at the scene. Tell us what you think, do you sympathise with those protesting?

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