Marijuana Farm Found In The Most Bizarre Place


Thirty Five year old engineer Oscar Levin was out for a romantic stroll in a public park in Essex with his girlfriend when it took a turn for the weird. They were searching for mushrooms, no not those kind of mushrooms, and found more than they bargained for. Weed.


“It was funny. We couldn’t believe it. We were like ‘really? is this real?’ Oscar said, after stumbling onto the plantation only metres from a local school.

“We never expected to see something like that in a public forest.” Not that anyone does, though there’s sure  to be many more enthusiastic ramblers when people hear about this.

“The smell was really strong so I knew it could be nothing else. I think there was around 60 or 70 plants and it covered quite a large area – about 15 or 20 square metres.

“The soil was different. We had a look and there was a sheet of plastic on the ground and the different soil was on top and the plants were in there.”

A spokeswoman for the government body said: “We can’t comment at the moment as it’s a police matter.”




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