Man Deliberately Injects Himself With Ebola, Then Runs A Marathon



Peter Hubbard was deliberately injected with the deadly Ebola virus in order to find a cure. If that isn’t maverick enough, instead of taking a rest afterwards he decided to run a marathon. 

Peter was not contagious when he was allowed to go on the 26 mile run after being injected with elements of the disease in September.

‘I feel great, yeah. In fact, I couldn’t tell where the injection site was thirty minutes after it. I ran a marathon on Sunday. I’m alive and kicking,’ the 35-year-old said.

Peter is part of a low risk trial being ran in the U.S. It involves him taking a vaccine developed in partnership with a pharmaceutical company. He has previously volunteered to test HIV, H1N1 and malaria vaccines.

He added: ‘I do have a joke that, that with all of these vaccine trials that I’ve done, that if plague and pestilence were to sweep throughout the land, I’d be the last man standing.’

Well, he isn’t afraid to take risks, that’s for sure. Well done to Peter, on so many levels.

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