Man Attacks Pensioner At Knifepoint, Is Stripped And Clingfilmed To A Lamppost By Public


People swarmed around to take photos of 32-year-old Valentino Abeyta Barrera as he baked  in Santiago, Chile’s 27-degree heat… Wrapped in cling film  with his underpants around his ankles? Yikes!



A mob dished out their own justice when people spotted a man with a knife attempting to rob an elderly citizen. Outraged, he was stripped and clingfilmed almost head to toe to a lamp post.

He remained like this, and in front of a large audience, for 20 minutes before the police made an appearance. He allegedly refused to tell the officers what he had done, and instead begged for them to release him. He was later released from police custody, as the victim of his attack was unwilling to give testimony.
The photographs caused a stir online, and started a discussion about vigilante justice. People commenting on the issue had varied opinions, with many believing it is okay for civilians to take the law into their own hands. One commenter, Daichi Yuka, said: ‘I would like to do the same thing to the thief who threatened me with a weapon this morning.’

But others argued it was wrong to publically humiliate and abuse the man, claiming it puts people on the same levels as the criminals.

What do you think? Would you have done the same?


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