Loyal Dog Is Still Waiting At Hospital Where Owner Died Two Years Ago



The loyal dog that has waited in vain every day for more than a year outside Russian hospital for the beloved owner who will never return (Picture: Vesti Novosibirsk)

This faithful little dog has been waiting at this hospital for nearly two years.

She has been waiting for her elderly owner, who went in one day and never came out.

Masha, a cross-breed, appears at the reception of the hospital in Siberia each morning like clockwork.

‘She is waiting for him, for her owner,’ one nurse said.

When her owner was still alive, Masha was his only visitor. She used to run back home each evening to stand guard over her owner’s belongings before resuming her vigil the next morning at the hospital in Novosibirsk.


Masha at the hospital (Picture: Vesti Novosibirsk)

Now hospital staff, who have been looking after the heart-broken canine, are desperate to find her a new home.

‘You see her eyes, how sad they are – it’s not the usual shiny eyes for when a dog is happy. You can see this in animals in the same way as with people,’ Dr Vladimir Bespalov told the Siberian Times.

He added that there was no medicine to help her alleviate her grief – and previous efforts to rehome her had failed as she kept returning to the hospital.

‘We are still hoping that Masha will be able to find another owner. One day, and we very much want this day to come soon, our Masha will trust somebody.’


She just wants her owner to return (Picture: Vesti Novosibirsk)

H/T metro.co.uk

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