Kim Kardashian Rejected By Thirteen Year Old Girl (With An Excellent Reason)


Kim Kardashian met a young orphan in an August episode of hit TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and offered to adopt her. Much to everyone’s surprise, the thirteen year old girl turned her down.


The girl, named Pink, said that despite shaking with excitement at the Kim’s generous offer of adoption, she would much prefer to study in Thailand instead. In turning down the opportunity to live with the Kardashians, she was rejecting the chance to escape the poverty of the home she was living in. Her reasons are touching; she wanted to remain in Thailand, complete an education, and work to help orphans like the ones she grew up with. 

Pink’s mother sent her to the home because she found herself unable to care for her or fund her education. The girl  stole everyone’s hearts when the show visited the run down children’s home in Thailand’s Phang Nga province, with Kim captured on camera taking her into a tight embrace. Kim was so fond of the girl that she returned to the home a second time to see her.

But after being told the star was interested in adopting her, the girl said: ‘Everyone wants to have a different or a better life, I suppose. But when I thought about it I realised it wouldn’t be good for me, because I would have to leave so much behind. I wasn’t ready for that.’. She shares a basic dormitory with five other girls, and sleeps on a mattress on the floor. ‘When I found out she wanted to adopt me, I was shaking, so excited. It would be such a change of life for me.’.

‘When she came here, it seemed as if I was the first one she looked at and smiled at. We had a connection straight away. I think she is really pretty and she has a very nice personality.’


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