Social Media Meltdown About Harry Styles' Sexuality After He Said This


Sometimes we feel sorry for Harry Styles. It’s borderline impossible for the man to so much as reduce his sugar intake in his morning tea without it trending on Twitter. Only last week it appeared that somebody was trying to sell his vomit on eBay.

The most recent social media meltdown about Harry is his sexuality. In a recent interview he made a throw away comment about gender not being important. He was being interviewed alongside bandmate Liam Payne by ODE in a segment called ‘FourPlay’.

When asked what they look for in a girl, Payne answers: “Female, it’s a good trait.”

To which Styles replies: “Not that important.”

Since the comment, rumours have been abound that the One Direction man was admitting to his bisexuality. It’s nothing new, he has been questioned about his close relationship with Nick Grimshaw in the past by GQ magazine.

Here is the interview in full, for those interested to see the ‘key’ moment skip to 2:20

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