German Town Pulls Off Genius Prank On Neo-Nazis



If you can’t beat them, make them beat themselves. That’s essentially the essence of this brilliant prank pulled off by the residents of Wunsiedel, Germany.

The locals were fed up with an annual neo-Nazi march that went through their town, and so they came up with a prank that made the extremists inadvertently raise €10,000 (£7,900) for an anti-fascist charity.

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The march has been happening for decades but this year, after several failed legal bids to stop the marching, locals conjured a way of giving the extreme right-wing march a beneficial purpose.

The residents and businesses in the town sponsored the 250-or-so participants €10 (£8) for every meter they walked in what was labelled Germany’s “most involuntary walkathon.” The march organisers had no idea that it was happening.


All of the funds raised went to Exit Deutschland, a programme that aids people in leaving far-right groups. All of this meant that the Neo-Nazis were effectively marching against neo-Nazism. Various mocking signs were hung up to “encourage” those making the effort.

The extremists were left confused as markings on the road thanked them for their efforts and applauded them for how much money they had made.

The icing on the cake was the certificate handed to the walkers at the end reminding them how much their extremist march and raised for the anti-extremism programme.

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