Frankie Boyle Hits Back At Nigel Farage (Again)



The Nigel Farage and Frankie Boyle spat rumbles on, and this time Frankie Boyle has written his comeback in The Guardian. It all started last week with a brief Twitter spat between the pair which wound up in Frankie Boyle calling Farage a ” c**t.”

Nigel’s Response

Nigel Farage wrote a column in The Independent in which he accused comedians of being liberally biased and of viewing UKIP as an easy target. He wanted to know why they simply mocked him instead of taking the time to have a serious discussion about his politics.

Well, he just got what he wanted, and maybe a bit more too.

Frankie Boyle’s Column 

In a verbose column Frankie answered Nigel’s questions head on, leaving the ball firmly in the politicians court. Here are some quotes from what he had to say.

On Comedians being In It Together.

“Bizarrely, Farage is enraged because he scents solidarity among performers, spluttering that “Luvvies look after themselves and look after their own, and when they sense a whiff of dissent in the ranks, first they close up, then they start flailing wildly.”

I doubt anyone has ever accused comedians of solidarity before. It’s hard to think of a less collegiate world than that of unabashed professional narcissists competing for attention; even when we reluctantly band together on panel shows, we’re only trying to sell solo tours.”

His Varying Comebacks

“What I’d like to point out about Farage’s argument is, and this seems so unforgivably un-Ukip that it seems to be riddled with internal contradictions:

First up, Nigel wants to be seen as a pint-swilling man of the people, but simultaneously to be taken so seriously that nobody can even make a joke about him. He tells us how popular Ukip is and simultaneously how jokes against it is easy populism. Well, which is it?

“Enraged by Mock the Week talking about Ukip, he claims, “There’s no rational response. There’s no such thing as, ‘Ah, that’s interesting. We should discuss that’.”

Well, of course, a rational response about the interest of a subject might not be what one would immediately expect from a show designed to take the p**s. Or possibly joking about something is the way that it is discussed on a comedy show. Perhaps that’s why it’s not called Let’s Have an Interesting Discussion about the Week. Equally, a rational response seems a lot to ask from a party making a wholehearted appeal to irrational fears and prejudices.”

On Farage Asking “What Am I?”

“One week I’m Hitler’s buddy, then next week the Tower of London’s Poppy Memorial is hailed as “Ukip-style” attraction in the Guardian. Well – which is it? Am I pro-freedom, or anti-freedom? Am I a modern Hitler or a modern Churchill?”

Well Nigel, you seem to be pro-freedom for big business and rich people, anti-freedom for immigrants, asylum seekers, gay people and other marginalised groups. Does that also answer the second question or shall I go on?”

You ask if you’re a Hitler or a Churchill. Well, your party forms pacts with right-wing Holocaust deniers.“The poppy memorial was described as ‘Ukip-style’ not because your party is imbued with the same Churchillian values as the poppy, but because the stunt itself was viewed as the sort of crass politicisation of patriotism that your party is so fond of.”

This must be a real headache for Nigel Farage. Do you think Frankie Boyle makes a good point?

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