Ed Sheeran Accepts Terminally ill Fan's Marriage Proposal



Katie Papworth, who is suffering from an aggressive form of cancer, had one of her dreams come true after Ed Sheeran accepted her marriage proposal.

The 19-year-old met her idol backstage after his gig in Glasgow last Thursday, two weeks after she lost her sight. As well as proposing to Ed, Katie also gave him a copy of a painting she did of a Lego house,  with Ed signing her own copy (below).


Katie’s mum Trish said: ‘Katie took the picture of the Lego house she’d made and gave Ed a ring with an infinity symbol. Ed loved her artwork and asked if he could keep it for his wall.

‘When she presented the ring he smiled and said, “I suppose I should say yes. OK.”

‘He made it really special for her and she’s since said she needs to think about bridesmaids,’ she added.


Katie said: ‘We haven’t set the date yet, but it’s not official because we haven’t been in a church.’

He also sent her this video message

It’s great to see Ed going that extra mile for his fans.

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