86-Year-Old Great-Grandma Stunned By How Police Treated Her Following Emergency Call



Two police officers went way beyond the call of duty to help an 86-year-old great-grandmother after her purse was stolen. Julia Brecht was shopping at a Target store when her purse was snatched from her trolley.

Local officers Craig Hess and Robert Little helped Brecht reach home safely after the theft, and went that extra yard out of pure kindness. 

Brecht, who lives in Colorado, told the officers she was in a hurry to get home as she takes care of her husband, who is blind and in a wheelchair.


 “They grabbed my shopping list,” Brecht said. “They bought the groceries. One brought me home. They went back to Target and brought my car home.”

The officers didn’t stop at finishing Brecht’s grocery shopping and getting her car home safely, they also cancelled her credit cards and changed the locks on her home (with their own money) since the thief stole her house keys.

“They went far beyond what any person like me would expect,” Brecht said. “They were just absolutely incredible … We’re just very thankful.”

There is nothing like a bit of awesome humanity to kick off the week.

H/T: ABC News / Daily Mail

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