Student Caught In Compromising Position With A Sheep



A 23-year old man was caught raping a sheep on campus in Fresno State University, California.

Although the name of the offender hasn’t been released, it is understood that he was a computer engineering student and is now facing charges.

ABC 30 News reported: “Students say shock, doesn’t even begin to describe what happened on campus. It was late at night, a student heard noises, and found a 23-year-old inside the sheep barn having sex with one of the ewes.”

The man’s excuse that he told police was that he drank way too much of alcohol and was stressed about his midterm exams. This, unsurprisingly,  wasn’t enough for the police to let him go.

Fellow student, Marisa Burkdoll, said: “It’s just kind of disgusting and revolting and personally makes me angry, I mean why would you do that?”

The sheep is now being monitored by a vet but it has also managed to get its own Twitter handle, and it’s own hashtag #baaameansbaaa. 

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