This 100 Year Old Belly Dancer Will Make Your Day


Catherine Furst is 100 years old this year, and she’s also a belly dancer. 

(Scroll down for the video)



“I don’t feel 100” she claims, which is unsurprising when you’ve seen her in her belly dancing outfit. She got out the old glad rags (her original costume) to celebrate her 100th birthday, which is quite possibly the most exciting centenary celebration we’ve seen in a while.

At the beginning of her career, Furst was a hairdresser before taking up belly dancing  when she was in her thirties. After 70 years of youthful gyrating, she claims she doesn’t plan to stop any time soon, especially as she claims its what keeps her feeling so young. Take notes, kids.

Watch the video to see for yourself!


H/T: WPFB news


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