Vladimir Putin's Ridiculous Birthday Present May Make You Vomit Inside


For his birthday Russian President Vladimir Putin has been gifted a whole exhibition comparing him to the Greek mythical hero Hercules. No joke — it’s called “The 12 Labors of Putin.”

The exhibit was held on Monday, and here is its organiser.  a young, bearded man named Mikhail Antonov,


He said that members of the Facebook group often submitted artwork depicting the president, and they decided to do a thematic show for the leader’s birthday. Here are the 12 feats of Putin…

1. Fight against terrorism (Nemean Lion)


2. Response to sanctions (Lernaean hydra)

The U.S.’s severed head lies by his feet as he battles the remaining heads: Japan, the EU, and Canada. Japan is breathing a flame reading “sanctions” onto Putin.




3. The Sochi Olympics (Ceryneian Hind)


4. Liquidation of the oligarchs (Erymanthian Boar)


5. Fight against corruption (Augean stables)


6. Stopping air strikes on Syria (Stymphalian Birds)


7. Annexing Crimea (Cretan Bull)


8. Contract for French Mistral warships (Mares of Diomedes)


9. South Stream gas pipeline (Belt of Hippolyta)


10. Gas Contract with China (Cattle of Geryon)


11. Support for the Minsk agreement for a cease-fire in Ukraine (Apples of the Hesperides)


12. Conflict with the U.S. (Cerberus)



We feel that their may be one or two people out there who find this all a tad fantastical considering what has been happening in Ukraine and gay rights. Tell us your thoughts.

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