17 Tinder Users That Went From 0 to 100 In The Blink Of An Eye


These Tinder users seemingly took inspiration from Drake’s song 0 to 100 and decided to apply it to their conquests. 

1. Yep, we see what you did there.


2. Go sit in the corner and think about what you said.

3. Always behaving badly, those avocado’s…

4. This guy is on fire…


5. You do something, you share it with strangers, that’s how it is nowadays.

7. This bird lover…

8. The modest approach


9. Taylor, you must get all the girls you charming swine…

10. Good judging Bart, nailed it…

11. That famous frozen yoghurt and vagina analogy again, you can never escape it.


12. Where’s the emoji with clapping hands for this one?


13. Maybe you can if it’s super small? Like your chances…

14. It seems to be the only option Adam…so of course.

15. Darn it…

16. Some nice guys out there…


17. And this guy who started at 1000 and just kept going…

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