Russell Brand And Donald Trump Have Ugly Spat On Twitter



Things got ugly between Russell Brand and Donald Trump last night. We’re not sure why it happened, but things got very personal.

It all started when Donald Trump decided to tweet calling Brand a loser. Russell Brand wasn’t exactly going to take that lying down, and he hit back suggesting that Trump is not the entrepreneur he has claims to be, by linking to an an article that mentioned his multi-million dollar inheritance and financial aid from the US government.




Then Trump only went and brought up the ex-wfie. Why go there?


 And he carried on further more. We wonder what Katy Perry made of it all.

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We are not sure why a business tycoon such as Trump is using his networking power to go picking fights with celebrities. He should probably stick to what he’s good at, making money, as picking a war of words with a famous comedian could end very badly. 

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