Russell Brand Causes Outrage With His Theories on 9/11


Russell Brand has been hit with a wall of criticism after a combative BBC Newsnight interview about his “alternative to corporate hegemony” where he suggested that he is open minded about 9/11 conspiracy theories.

His heated discussion with presenter Evan Davis descended into a lot of shouting, Brand was queried over  his suggestion that the explosion at Twin Towers was “controlled” in his new book.

“We have to remain open-minded to kind of possibility,” Brand said.  He then added that the BBC “shamefully sabotaged” the outcome of the Scottish Referrendum and was reporting on the attack in Ottawa this week in a way to build an “anti-Islamic narrative.”

“These tragic events are used to enforce further controls on us,” he said.

At one point in the exchange, Davis was said to Brand: “I’m trying to take you seriously.”

His views sparked a backlash on Twitter. Watch the video and tell us your thoughts.






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