Rapist Pays Ultimate Price As Locals Take The Law Into Their Own Hands


A Rapist

An Indian man has just had his genitals hacked off with a meat cleaver after claims that he was trying to rape a teenage girl.

An angry mob took the law into its own hands after hearing the girls terrified screams. They hauled Suresh Kumar, 40, into a butchers in the city of Ganganagar, India.

Reports suggest that he was discovered down an alley pinning the petrified girl against a wall.

The community held a meeting to decide what to do with the man and the result was the vigilantes dragging him to a local butcher’s shop where they beat him with sticks for an hour, before chopping off his genitalia with a meat cleaver.

The remains were then dumped in the middle of the road with Kumar’s bleeding body nearby.

Local Aamir Dhawan, 30, said: “No one went to help the man because they could see his penis on the ground and knew this was punishment for a sex crime.

“We have had a lot of intolerable offences against women in this country recently, with girls being raped, hung, and molested, and it’s time it stopped.

“This sends out a very strong message to anyone like that – if you do it you will be punished.”

Police are asking those responsible to come forward.

A Police Spoekesman said: “People cannot take the law into your own hands.

The girl was treated for shock, and given counselling.

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