New Research On The Female Orgasm Means Some Men May Need A Rethink




New research is claiming that there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm, a clitoral orgasm or even a G-spot. 

That’s great Mr Scientist, but what does that leave us with? We are pretty sure that women haven’t been faking it EVERY SINGLE TIME? Have they?

Apparently not. Phew. The research author has suggested that we should be using the umbrella term ‘female orgasm’ to cover all of the above. Writing in the journal Clinical Anatomy, the authors say the majority of women worldwide do not have orgasms during penetrative sex. As a result, women have been labelled with sexual problems that are based on something that doesn’t exist: the vaginal orgasm.

The reviewers found that the clitoris is the key to all female orgasms. It is the human female’s most erogenous zone, often called the ‘female penis’ because it is made from the same material as the male penis.

The researchers said their findings could lead to new treatments for women suffering from anorgasmia, who are unable to have orgasms.

This all means that some men out there, and you know who you are, need to have a serious rethink on how you approach the bedroom bolero. 

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