Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Why She Dumped Chris Martin



Friends of Jennifer Lawrence have been talking about why she broke up with Coldplay front-man Chris Martin last week. The pair had been seeing each other for four months, but she chose to end it prior to her six week tour to promote the latest Hunger Games movie.

One friend said: ‘Chris wanted to spend all his free time with Jen – there was a discrepancy between how they viewed their relationship, she’s so easy going and he’s quite intense.’ Intense eh? Had she not heard any Coldplay songs prior to dating him?

A source speaking to The Mail Online said: “Jennifer said Chris is an all or nothing kind of guy, so she chose nothing. She broke up with him late last week. He was completely blindsided, he was really sad about it. Jen is contractually obliged for the next six weeks to promote Mockingjay and she just couldn’t see how it was going to work. ‘

We’re sure Chris will be over it soon enough, he has been the envy of many males recently, who else can boast Jennifer Lawrence as their rebound after marriage? [INSERT SUITABLE COLDPLAY LYRIC HERE]

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