Jason Manford Just Shared The Truth Behind Michael McIntyre Storming Off Stage



Yesterday everybody was talking about Michael McIntyre storming off stage during a recent gig in Darlington. Rumour had it that a member of the audience had ground his gears with her continuous use of her phone from the front row.

Opinions were divided on whether the comedian was right to vacate the stage and leave security to deal with the woman. Among the arrows aimed at McIntyre were suggestions that as a comedian it should be par for the course for him to deal with hecklers and that his attitude was overly diva. 

It all comes down to just how bad this woman’s attitude was, and as social media speculation spiralled, people who were actually there on the night started to tell the story as seen through their eyes. It seems Michael McIntyre has the overwhelming support of those who were in the audience.

Here’s what Jason Manford shared yesterday.



One of our readers also left this comment after reading our original article.


Not everyone was in agreement though, as this post slamming Jason Manford suggests.


Jason dealt with that well, when was this ever about sexism?

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