Harry Styles Photographed Throwing Up On The Side Of The Road: Fans Outraged


Harry Styles spent Friday night partying with Lilly Allen at Nice Guy Bar in Los Angeles. If these photos are anything to go by then he was feeling the ill effects of it the next day. 

The 20-year-old superstar  is still under the legal drinking age limit in the US. He had to have his friend pull their car over on the 101 freeway on Saturday so he could throw up.


We’ve all been there Harry, it happens to the best of us. Just be thankful that you spent the previous night partying with Lilly Allen and not drinking cider in the park.

Fair play to Harry. He’s doing exactly what a young man in his position should be, having a good time and making the most of it. He shouldn’t be embarrassed, these things happen and life goes on.


However! Some of his more protective One Direction fans have started kicking off. They took to Twitter to complain about the paparazzi taking photos and the media publishing them.

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What a protective bunch eh!

Whilst it probably isn’t ideal to be photographed as you vomit by the side of the road, we’re pretty sure Harry will be over it soon enough and making his way to the next celeb filled bash to do it all over again. It’s tough at the top.

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