Google Street View Just Captured Its Naughtiest Moment Yet



This random couple have unwittingly found Internet fame after being caught having sex by Google Street View. 

The pair were filmed after parking up on Dukes Highway near Keith in South Australia as the Street View car passed by. The image shows the couple bent over the bonnet on a silver Sedan. The man appears to be enjoying a beer whilst the girl is waving at the camera. 

A message posted on Reddit by ‘benxology’ claimed the couple was “me and my missus”.

He wrote: “We saw the Google car on the way to Adelaide a couple of years ago. I sped up, overtook the car then posed with a Corona (beer) in hand.”

Who knows the truth, but it does seem a little casual for a true side of the road moment of passion. 

Google Street does capture some goleden moments, and here are a few more.

In September 2012 this ‘UFO’ was shot above the skies in Texas. 


Is this beam of light ET?


This seagull with his mouth full was captures in Brighton


Another frisky couple, though this time fully clothed.


“Horseboy” became an Internet sensation after being captured on Street View


Just a naked man in the boot of a car in Germany


Germany again, and this woman appears to be giving birth.


Bob Mewse saw this picture of himself and was inspired to lose 7 stone.


It has also helped fight crime, with suspected heroin dealers among those captured. 


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