Enraged Michael McIntyre Storms Off Stage During A Gig



Michael McIntyre stormed off stage during a sold-out stand-up show and asked that security remove a woman because she wouldn’t stop using her phone.

The woman was sat in the front row at Darlington’s Civic Theatre. McIntyre noticed her using her phone and eventually he lost his cool. He made an abrupt exit from the stage and told security, ‘sort it out, I’ll be back’.

Some incensed fans were chanting for the rude woman to be removed from the venue, theatre staff instead chose to speak to the woman.

McIntyre returned to the stage a after five minutes and completed his set, in which he previewed material for his 2015 tour.


Some fans were so angered by the woman’s ignorant behaviour that a string of them later took to Twitter to apologise to McIntyre for the ‘idiot on the front row’:

We agree with them. What could possibly be happening on her phone that is more entertaining than the rare opportunity to see one of the UK’s top comedians from the front row.





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