Dumped Romantic Forced Into Desperate Measures On Ebay



We have seen some weird and obscure things for sale on eBay but this has to be right up there among the strangest. Jake Dodridge was dumped by his girlfriend just after he booked a £650 romantic trip to Venice. In an effort to try and recuperate some of his money the 21-year-old is trying to tempt another woman to accompany him to Italy. 

2SHe says:


“I’m currently looking for someone to travel to Venice with me (this isn’t something I’d usually do but left with no choice!). This includes the flight tickets and hotel stay for 4 nights! The hotel is a 4* Hotel in San Marco. I’m a 21 year old male and looking for females only between the ages of 18-30 to join me.

I bought this holiday to Venice and it is non-refundable. I have checked and for a small fee a passenger’s name can be changed. The flights are from Gatwick – Marco Polo airport. The trip is from December 3rd and coming back on the 7th. I will need to see a few photographs of the highest bidder to make sure you are a female between the ages of 18-30! “

Credit where it’s due, at least he’s not moping around and letting it get the better of him. When we last checked the highest bidder was £20. 

This is your chance to help Jake. He seems like an eligible young man and we’re sure you all have lots of single  friends . Help spread the word by sharing this article and tagging any friends you think may be interested. Venice in December with a complete stranger, what’s not to like?

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