The Man That Makes All Other Men Look Like Saints



The man you see here managed to convince 17 women that he was exclusively in a relationship with them. 

Sonko Tijan had it all. He has five wives, five fiancées, and seven girlfriends. Whilst most of use would have trouble remembering all of their names, he managed to juggle it all smoothly as he milked them all for money and a place to stay. 

Austrian police claim that he has smashed all previous records for infidelity. His lovers ranged between the ages of  22 and 44. So many  questions arise. Did he remember birthdays? How did he possibly negotiate valentines day and Christmas? 

He was finally caught out when one of his wives saw a photo of a couple on Facebook, and the man was her husband. From here the web of  lies began to surface. 

“He would fascinate them with fanciful stories about his homeland in Africa and how he had fled horrific wars leaving his family behind – and later he would ask for financial assistance for them.” said Detective Patrick Maierhofer.

You would think that after the third wife or the fourth fiancée he might have  started to get a bit jaded by it all. It’s not been mentioned as yet, but its highly probable he’ll soon be setting a new record for the number of times a man has been dumped over the space of a few days.

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