20 Genuinely Awesome Date Ideas That Everyone Should Try


Date USe


1. Try and visit as many people as you can in one night, and turn as many things upside down in their apartment as you can, without them noticing.

2. The Playground Party – Picture it, a chat across the see-saw? A giggle side by side on the swings, a race across the monkey bars and a little picnic to wrap it all up. 

3. Pretend that you have never met, then loudly throw awful pick up lines at one another whilst in a bar, and then pretend that they worked.

4. The record breaking date. This is actually two, maybe more dates combined. Read the Guiness book or records and decide on something that the two of you think you can achieve. 

5. Go for a one way drive where you can only make right hand turns. When you’re stuck then it’s time to turn around and only make left hand turns. Take photos along the way. Ya know, for Instagram.

6. Wake up at 4am and watch the sunrise together. In the UK this has to go down as high risk dating as there is a strong chance you will be waking up to watch a gluttony of grey sweep across the moody sky. However, if you have access to a high point, and your date happens to fall in those two weeks of amazing weather we seem to get, then this is a good one. 

7. The double Netflix date. It may sound like staying in and watching movies, that’s because it means staying in and watching movies. However, you can cover this one in glitter by both pre-choosing a movie that may say a lot about your personality. How does that song go? Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

8. Go busking badly. Get an flat cap and the two of you sit in the centre of the city and sing your hearts out as though you actually think you’re good. Any money you make use for drinks afterwards. Be warned, you may need to bring your own cash just in case you’re so bad at singing you don’t even get pity money.

9. Go for a country walk and chalk up arrows every 20 metres or so depicting where you’re going. At the end of the path just leave a big pile of chalk. 

10. Do the lamest tourist activity in your area that you can think of that you have both secretly wanted to do and have an unabashed good time.


11. With camera and a pair of trainers make a photo diary of a day in the life of an invisible man.

12. Go for a drive with the passenger blindfolded and picking the directions at random, see where you end up.

13. Dress up as pirates, go to the supermarket, grab a shopping trolley and have a war on the high seas throughout all the aisles or car park.

14. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before, turn the sound on mute, and improvise the dialogue.

15. Invent your own superheroes and go out dressed up. Be public servants and stop people doing petty crimes such as dropping cigarette butts on the floor.

16. Go to the bus station and get  the first bus leaving for somewhere else in the country and stay for the night. 

17. The collaborative art date, get a big piece of paper, some paint or pastels and go crazy.

18. The risky crossword date. This may be a bad idea. Take a crossword, and fill out with random words that depict either something that you love about your partner or something that secretly irks you. For positive results stick to love.

19. Tunnel time. Find the longest tunnel you can and stand at opposite ends. Shout down the tunnel at one another as though it’s your first date and you’re trying to get to know one another again. Feel the echo.

20. Walk around the city and perform short and silent plays in front of security cameras. 


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