The Victorian's Had A Strange Tradition When It Came To Photography


The Victorian era is known for being quite a morbid time in history. One of the strangest traditions of the era was the practice of photographing the dead. If people did this today we may find t weird, but at the time it was common practice for those families that could afford to do it.

1.) Contrary to being creepy, these photographs were meant to serve as mementos of the deceased loved one.



2.) For that reason, many photographers tried to make their subjects look alive.


3.) They did this using a variety of tricks.



4.) A common way to do this was posing people with their favourite things (like this man in a chair with his dogs).


5.) Or this girl here with her toys.


6.) Often, photographers would make it appear like the dead person was sleeping.


7.) Here, the dead girl on the end is being propped up with a special device.


8.) Here, the photographer has positioned the man’s arm in order to support his head


9.) Notice the odd position of the curtain behind the boy? It’s likely there was someone behind it holding the boy’s head up.


10.) Here this little girl is sitting sideways on the chair so that the device propping her up is hidden.


11.) We wouldn’t have guessed that this lady was deceased.


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