19 Thoughts Everyone Had When Losing Their Virginity.



It’s definitely awkward, it’s usually a relief, and it feels like the biggest deal ever. Well, for a little while that is. 

How many of these thoughts did you have?

1. This will definitely make me an adult. I’ll wake up tomorrow wiser and more mature. I’ll probably start doing totally grown up things like going to the pub and watching the news. No more chocolate cereals for me.

2. This will be remembered as the greatest moment of my life. It’s going to be epic, amazing, indescribable.

3. I’m so pleased that I waited to do this with someone who is really on my wavelength. We totally understand each other.

4. Is this a good idea? This is what people do at house parties right? I may have had a few Smirnoff Ice’s but that guy / girl is HOT.

5. I’ve got 6 condoms. Will that be enough? Should I have brought more?

6. Oh God, what if my parents and grandparents can tell afterwards? It’s going to be so obvious when I sit down at the dinner table tomorrow. They will just see the woman / man resonating from me. So embarrassing.

7. The first time is supposed to be rubbish. Nobody rides a bike perfectly the first time,  you have to fall off and get back on again, right? Or am I rubbish? 

8. How difficult can it be, everybody does it. I won’t mess it up. Surely.

9. Ouch, ouch, ouch, OUCH!

10. Is that in? Does this count? Am i doing it?


11. Yeah, this definitely counts. OMG I’m actually doing it.

12. Erm, so was that it?

13. No, seriously, is it always that quick?

14. Now what?

15. Maybe I will feel more like a woman / man in the morning, maybe it takes time to settle in.

16. YEEEEAAAAAH (Usually The Guy)

17. He best not go telling everybody!

18. I’m glad that’s out of the way.

19. So when is round two?

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