Northern Irish want Scotland to be Independent more than the Scottish

Scottish independence, you just can’t escape the topic. It’s been getting heated, passions are a flying and opinions are boomeranging from one TV show to the next. At the end of the day it’s a decision for Scotland to decide, but we were a little curious as to what the rest of the UK thought, and so we asked you in our own online poll.  
The title does not lie, according to our poll the people in Northern Ireland want Scotland to be independent more than the residents of Scotland. Almost two in three of those we polled in Northern Ireland said yes, where as with people from Scotland the yes vote was just over half of those asked (54%).  
The English and the Welsh felt completely different with both countries wanting Scotland to remain as part of the Union. England had the strongest “No” vote with over 70%, and the Welsh weren’t too far behind with 68%.
So our poll is suggesting that as much as some Scot’s may want to leave, the rest of the UK doesn’t want to see them go, except the Northern Irish, those mavericks over the sea. 
The other notable finding was the motivations people had behind their opinions. Those that voted yes in Northern Ireland claimed to be voting from the heart. Where as the other nations suggested that they were voting more with their head.
So what does it mean in the grand scheme of things? It is interesting to see that despite a recent gluttony of anti-Scotland rants on Social Media, the vast majority of the rest of the UK would really rather see them stay as part of the Union.  We seemingly want to stay together. Those that are saying they don’t care, or good riddance, are in the minority. 
On a less serious note – of all the content surfacing during the debate, this Facebook status is definitely among our favourites.
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