This New App Will Save Every Drunk Person's Blushes



At one point in our lives, despite our best efforts to walk in tandem with dignity until the very end, we have all sent a drunk text message which we regretted in the morning.

You wake up, your head hurts, your immediate vicinity is clogged with the stench of sweaty alcohol. Your head REALLY hurts, and then crawling over your scalp creeps an unwelcome storm of looming regret. You didn’t did you? Grabs the phone, checks the sent items. Crap! Yes you did. Why did you send that text? Idiot.

We’ve all done it.

And now we can all undo it. A new app called Ansa allows you to remotely delete messages that you sent from other people’s devices. 


Ansa was the brainchild of 23-year-old Natalie Bryla, and bills itself as ‘the safest place to let go, and be yourself with friends’.

Similar toSnapchat, Ansa messages (which can take the form of photos, videos and drawings as well as words) can be set to expire a few seconds after being viewed. But Ansa takes things one step further by also allowing users to remotely delete messages they’ve sent off other people’s devices.

That’s all amazing, as long as they never read it straight away! At least the evidence is gone, if not the shame.

There is only one way to test out Ansa. Let’s all get wrecked and text our ex’s – then see how we feel tomorrow.

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