Syrian Ambulance Driver Spends His Savings In An Incredibly Selfless Way



Ambulance driver Alaa spends most of his time tending to casualties of the civil war in Syria.  When he isn’t treating the wounded he chooses to focus his efforts on feeding the cats that have been orphaned as a result of the conflict.

Alaa spends approximately £2.50 of his savings each day on meat to feed around 150 strays in Masaken Hanano, a neighbourhood in Aleppo.



Shelling from local forces loyal to Syria’s president has led to the district becoming almost completely abandoned, and so the cats have suffered. Alaa has been feeding and caring the cats for over two months.



Aleppo is Syria’s largest city and has witnessed some of the fiercest fighting since the major rebel offensive in July 2012.  It is estimated at least half of the city’s population has been displaced during the four year conflict.



Alaa’s selfless act restores faith in humanity. To think that with all the trouble that is engulfing his everyday life he still focuses his spare time and money on such a noble cause is incredible.


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