Revealed: The UK's Top 10 Booziest Student Towns



Birmingham students can be proud of their staying power after being crowned the UK’s booziest student town. They narrowly beat Manchester and London into second and third places.

Thousands of participants were asked, ‘How much do you usually spend on alcohol per week during term?’ in the study.

The results were then collated to reveal an average spend per city.


Top 10 booziest student cities in the UK (average spend)

1. Birmingham: £68.00
2. Manchester: £63.23
3. London: £61.10
4. Plymouth: £52.13
5. Bournemouth: £47.61
6. Nottingham: £41.52
7. Leeds: £37.99
8. Bristol: £35.81
9. Liverpool: £31.12
10. Southampton: £28.42

Study conducted by MyVoucherCodes

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