Mother confronts corrupt judge that took bribe which led to her son’s suicide.


This video shows former Luzerne County judge Mark Ciavarella and his attorney, Al Flora, speaking to reporters following the announcement of a verdict in Ciavarella’s corruption trial in February, 2011. The women who interrupts the announcement was the mother who’s son had committed suicide after being given an extra-harsh sentence that the judge was bribed into giving.

The corrupt judge is clearly very shaken by the woman’s passionate hatred. Reports suggest that the boys Father planted drugs on his son as he feared he was hanging around with the wrong crowd. He was hoping that the resulting arrest would scare his son into changing his perspective and becoming straight.

The son’s case fell into the hands of Mark Ciavarella, a corrupt judge that was sending kids as young as 10 to juvenile prisons in return for payments. The son got sent into one of these prison’s and tragically he never recovered with it all leading to his suicide. 

Ciavarella was found guilty and was jailed for 28 years. The case became known as “cash for kids” as the judge had received payments amounting to millions of dollars. 

This man’s greed ruined many lives and this woman’s anger barely touches all of the pain that he has caused.

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