Pornhub Releasing New Material, And It's Not Porn



The big wigs at Pornhub have decided to try and penetrate the music industry. Today they launched a record label called Pornhub Records, which will produce tracks and music videos for the site.

The site, which up until now has lived up to its name as a hub for porn, are adamant that this is not just about creating music to accompany adult videos, it’s about the quality of the music too.

Excitement for the launch is being drummed up with a contest to find an official “anthem” for Pornhub. The winner will receive a $5000 prize towards a music video which will be featured on the site. Around 50 submissions have already been received including erotic folk (whatever that is), rap and country.


This isn’t their first foray into music. Rapper Coolio¬†announced he would be releasing music through the site earlier this year, although suggestions he has signed to the new label have come prematurely.¬†

We were wondering if Pornhub were to make the ultimate compilation album, what songs do you think should make the short list?

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