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A blogger who followed the trial of Oscar Pistorious closely has written the below. Oscar was found guilty of the South African equivalent on manslaughter but the court could not prove that he knew it was Reeva that he was shooting behind the door and instead he will only be punished for negligence

Many people have openly questioned the scenario that he didn’t know who it was he was shooting. If this analysis is to be believed then it seems borderline impossible. Having said that, it is of course conjecture and the fact remains that a court of law found him not guilty of first or second degree murder.

Anyone who still believes Oscar Pistorius (OP) is innocent has to believe that the following scenario is credible:

1. Reeva happily goes to bed, having packed all her clothes neatly away in her bag, including her underwear and the top she was wearing, while leaving her jeans inside-out at the bottom of the bed.

2. OP wakes in the night and immediately puts his hands over his face. He takes them off long enough to glance over and notice Reeva’s legs under the duvet. He then puts his hands back over his face to get out of bed – pushing aside a duvet that is not actually on him.

3. He walks around to Reeva’s side of the bed, without either looking at her or telling her what he’s doing. She doesn’t ask, either.

4. Once his back is completely turned, Reeva silently scrambles across to his side of the bed and walks totally noiselessly and in the pitch black to the toilet.

5. Never once facing the bed, OP brings both fans in and positions them at the end of the bed. How he did that with his back to the bed the entire time, I am unable to fathom. He either stood with his back to the bed, and put the fans in front of him and then walked around them, or positioned them with his arms behind him.

6. In spite of the pitch-black room, he notices jeans on the floor. He is bothered by a small LED light enough to want to cover them with said jeans – but not bothered by the lit-up LED display, the light on the TV or the lights on the light switches.

7. He hears a terrifying sound from the bathroom and is frozen with fear. At no point does it cross his mind that it may have been the person sharing the bedroom and bathroom with him making the noise – nope, he’s so convinced it can’t be her, he doesn’t even bother to turn his head and glance in her direction.

8. He doesn’t seek to clarify what he’s heard with his awake girlfriend who is feet away from him. He doesn’t wonder if she heard it too and is scared.

9. He feels particularly vulnerable because he’s on his stumps, but doesn’t take a few seconds to put on the legs that are, actually, right next to him.

10. He stops being frozen with fear and heads for his gun, making his way around the fans that he has just positioned in front of the bed. He holds into the bed for balance, and says not-a-word to the person who is in it regarding the fact that he believes that there are intruders in the next room and he needs to arm himself.

11. He reaches under the bed for the gun, careful not to glance across at the person he believes is in it.

12. He stands up, faces the passage and whispers/speaks quietly to Reeva, telling her to get down and call the police without actually telling her why. He is not surprised that she doesn’t ask or that she doesn’t bother to get out of bed and get down as instructed.

13. He makes his way in terror to the bathroom – ignoring the door that he and Reeva could have escaped through and the panic alarm that would have brought immediate help.

14. He’s so desperate to put himself between the intruders and Reeva that he doesn’t actually check where Reeva is.

15. He is too scared to put the light on but not too scared to start screaming as soon as he starts walking down the passage.

16. He is walking slowly and quietly down the passage, screaming.

17. Reeva hears the screaming but is too scared of the intruder to respond and give away her position, so she slams the door.

18. OP screams at Reeva to call the police. She fails to do this even though she has her phone with her.

19. OP gets to the bathroom doorway, and stops screaming so that the intruders won’t know where he is.

20.When he sees that there’s no one in the bathroom, he starts screaming again.

21. Reeva stands facing the door, making no effort to speak to her screaming boyfriend – who is now standing right outside the toilet door. She doesn’t wonder if he wants to come into the toilet and hide with her; she selfishly hides, silently locking the door and says nothing.

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