This One Direction 'Superfan' Decided She Didn't Want To See Them In Concert, And With Good Reason



Amanda Jaramillo is as big  a One Direction fan as you will find.  The New Mexico native is obsessed with the pop group.

Earlier this year a local radio station put on a 4-day scavenger hunt for tickets to a sold-out One Direction concert and she was determined to be the one to find them. And find them she did!  Jaramillo solved all of the clues, beat the competition, and found the tickets before anyone else.

So, why go to all that effort and decided not to go?

This is where the story takes an unexpected turn: during the entire 4 days of scouring the city for the tickets Jaramillo knew she wouldn’t be able to go.  The student had an important class the night of the gig.  Her reasons were much more selfless, she had been determined to win the tickets so that she could give them to somebody in need, somebody who would appreciate them more than even herself.

That’s what led her to 12-year-old Estefania Canales. Canales has been battling ovarian cancer since May.  Her parents hadn’t been able to even consider buying her tickets ot he concert due to the cost of her treatment. So, when Jaramillo surprised Canales with the tickets, she was understandably ecstatic. This amazing surprise, all thanks to someone she’d never met, resulted in an unforgettable night. Below is a photo of Canales grinning from ear to ear, with tickets in hand.

This story has an even happier ending now that Canales is in remission! That’s right, we’ve finally found a One Direction fan that is willing to share the boys with others.


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