The Oldest Woman Ever To Live Reveals Her Secret - And It's Good News For Everyone



This Mexican women yesterday became the oldest woman to have ever lived, reaching the grand old age of 127.  Leandra Becerra Lumbreras is said to have been born on August 31, 1887 – the year Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee – although she lost her birth certificate many years ago.

Her age means that she was an incredible 82 years old when man first stood on the moon, and she is STILL going!

Ms Lumbreras’ family say that chocolate is the key to her long life, as well as sleeping for days on end and never getting married. That sounds good to us, eat lots of chocolate and sleep in late.


They add that part of her secret is keeping busy.

‘She was always a woman who fought. She was still sewing and weaving until about two years ago,’ granddaughter Miriam Alvear, 43, told El Horizonte.

‘She never ceased to be active, that’s why we think she’s lived so long.’

And when she says ‘fought’, it isn’t an exaggeration.

Ms Lumbreras reportedly fought in the 1910-1917 Mexican Revolution as a leader of the ‘Adelitas’ – a group of women who went with their husbands to battle.

One of the downsides to her long life is that she has already buried five children and several of her 20 grandchildren, the last of whom died in 2013 – aged 90.

She also has an incredible  73 great-grandchildren and 55 great-great-grandchildren. You’d just have to give up trying to remember all of the names, surely.

A belated happy birthday to  Ms Lumbreras, and may you have many more in the future.

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