This Man Built His Very Own Hobbit Home. This Is What It Looks Like Inside



This house definitely has an air of “Lord of the Rings” about it. Architect Peter Archer designed this house (called “Hobbit House”) for a J.R.R. Tolkein fan who was keen to have it as a tribute to the author’s most famous works. The house is located in Pennsylvania.

The Hobbit House was designed as a personal museum, where the owner could store all his Tolkien-inspired memorabilia. Through over 30 years of collecting, he has amassed more than enough books, figurines and other collectables to merit their own house.

Take a look around…









Surprisingly, Archer didn’t really know much about Tolkien before he started designing the Hobbit House. He explains:

Upon starting the project I read the book The Hobbit and watched the Lord of the Rings movies, but more importantly, looked at the range of writings by Tolkien, including amazing sketches he had done to illustrate his work. I remember at the start saying that we would be happy to design the structure but we were not going to do a Hollywood interpretation. We wanted it to be timeless. It was built in 2004 but looking at it, you could think it was from 1904 or 1604.

This looks like the perfect place for a cup of tea on a Sunday hangover. 

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