Lionel Ritchie Says Exactly What We Were Thinking About Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus



Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are constantly in the spotlight but it very rarely seems to be for musical reasons. Lionel Ritchie was discussing how music has changed since his hey day, and he had some pretty damning words for the current crop. He makes a solid point.

“The beautiful part of where we were – we had shock value. But what came with shock value was hit after hit after hit. Madonna was outrageous – but she had a catalog of music that was unbelievable.


At the end of all the theatrics with Michael (Jackson), he had nothing but the most fabulous catalog. Now, we’ve got a lot of theatrics… but where’s the song that is going to stick around forever?… Twenty years from now, let’s take anybody – where’s the body of work?

I’m going to judge you not by your popularity but by your longevity, your staying records. I’m thinking about Miley, Justin Bieber. We’ve made amateur music mainstream. There’s a difference between a stylist and a singer.

Everybody can sing! Go to karaoke, there are some guys seriously singing their a**es off! But do they have a unique voice, or distinct voice? “

Well said Lionel Richie, we’d listen to you over Justin All Night Long.

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