14 iPhone 6 Features That Will Get Your Panties In A Twist


Procrastinate with better looking games.

The new phones also have an A8 processor, a 64-bit chip designed to make phone gaming more beautiful. It’s unlikely however that it will have Super Mario Brothers. We tried to call them and check but our iPhone 5 batteries had all died. 


Throw shade more stealthily.

The redesigned power button is now on the side and easier to reach. No more awkwardly scrambling to turn your screen off  when somebody peeks over your shoulder whilst you’re doing your morning social media stalk.

Live tweet like a professional.

The iPhone 6 is 50 percent faster than the original model. This means it will be easier to live tweet births, such as the one below.


No more squinting at the screen.

Apple’s new rotating screen display enables you to see things on your phone clearly. Gone are the days of squinting. Now, you’ll be able to actually read the words.

One-handed phone features for more multitasking.

New features enable you to use your iPhone one-handed. Now we can all be as on the ball as this guy.



Let’s talk aesthetics. No one wants to see your scratched and greasy  phone case from five years ago.

Now, iPhones come in brushed silver, gold and space gray shades that are practically their own accessories. That’s another step closer to being this guy!


Our favourite feature?

Say goodbye to silicone cases because the new iPhone’s waterproof and shatterproof.

What’s your verdict? Does the iPhone 6 sound as though it’s worth the £539 it will be go on the market for?

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