Heroic 11 Year Old Shoots Her Mum's Boyfriend After He Attacked Her Mum



Jayda Milsap had suffered years of sexual abuse and violence, until eventually taking matters into her own hands. 

Milsap’s mother, Brandy Moreno, had previously kicked her abusive boyfriend out of their home. Only a week later he returned, broke in and attempted to murder her. 

Leonardo Henry, 25, kicked in Moreno’s back door and began stabbing her with a knife. When Milsap heard the noise, she grabbed a handgun.

She fired twice, even as Henry tried to run away.

Both Henry and Moreno were rushed to the hospital, where both are in critical condition. Police are reportedly unlikely to charge  Milsap.

On September 18, Moreno had sought a protective order against Henry, reporting that he’d been molesting several of the couple’s combined five children during the night “for several years.”



All five children are in protective custody with the Department of Human Services.

What’s more, Moreno saw the attack coming. She told police that she “was afraid he is going to hurt her and the children because she reported the abuse.”

With safety in mind, Moreno showed her daughter  how to use the handgun kept in the house.

Henry had a history of violence, including a 2013 count of domestic abuse assault and battery that Moreno paid to resolve.  He is expected to survive his wounds. 

Jayda’s bravery had saved her mum’s life. It would normally be shocking to hear of an 11 year old using a gun, but in this instance she is the exception to the rule. 

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