Surgery On Great Dane Unveils Shocking Finding


The Great Dane was miserable and sickly and so his owners took him to an emergency animal hospital in Portland. It turns out the problem was something he ate.

X-rays showed a stomach clogged with a “large quantity of foreign material.” After two hours of surgery the doctor had the answer, the dog had consumed 43 socks. 

The hospital entered last February’s tale, complete with X-rays (see below), in an annual contest sponsored by a vet magazine and won a prize. The contest is suitably called “They Ate WHAT?”

Even stranger. The $1,500 first place winner was a Plano, Texas, animal hospital that treated an exotic frog that ate more than 30 small ornamental rocks from its cage.

The DoveLewis entry summary says the Great Dane was discharged a day after surgery. 


The offending socks


One hell of an X-ray

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